To Be Discontinued

I am refocusing on my health, photography, continued search for the meaning of life/vistas/the truth, service, and other pursuits, and will be discontinuing this blog.

Looking for an amazing Tanjung Puting tour and/or to explore the backroads of Borneo (Kalimantan) with Borneo’s only female-owned tour company? I heartily recommend Siti’s Borneo and Tanjung Puting Tours! ( Please email moi (at) (this domain name) (dot) (com) for permission and reprint requests or for Tanjung Puting articles/information. Selected blog content will most likely be republished in a different format, as time, opportunity, etc. permits.

All the best for much love, light, and peace in the new year! Shanti, shanti, shanti, – Elise

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